• UNION 18 ASICS - Cavins
  • Caitlyn Reynolds
  • Sara Sans
  • Marissa Hornung
  • Camryn Rich
  • Jennie Malone
  • Alli Stumler
  • Taylor Floyd
  • Jenna Story
  • Alexis Smith
  • Molly Ottersbach


Updated February 1, 2013

UNION Volleyball Club is a tenant of two privately owned facilities who are not governed by the school systems. Generally speaking, when schools are off due to weather, the facilities remain open for practices. If the decision to cancel is made, we we use the following to communicate those cancellations:

  1. We will email all coaches and team reps
  2. We will post cancellations on the UNION website: www.unionvolleyball.com and Facebook Page

Tournaments are almost NEVER cancelled, if they are, you will be notified by your coach or team representative.

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