Club Volleyball 101

Union Volleyball Club

Club volleyball is for girls in our area who are 8 to 18 years of age. Club volleyball allows players of varying abilities to develop their volleyball skills through training and live competition. The word “club” typically describes an organization that has teams, and other programming, for many different age groups and levels. Most young athletes begin by participating in clinics, camps or other seasonal programs before participating in tryouts to be selected for a club “team”. Clinics, camps and seasonal programs offer a great way to give club volleyball a try with very little risk/commitment. Clubs vary in size from 1 or 2 teams to up to 40 plus. Players must attend a (JULY/OCT/NOV) tryout to be selected to play for a team based upon skill, athletic ability, attitude, and potential.

Union Volleyball Club is recognized as one of the premier volleyball clubs in the Southern Indiana/Louisville Metro area. With dedication, excellent coaching, great players, top competition, the club helps players master skills and prepare for college opportunities.

Each season UNION represents: 520 Student Athletes from 51 High Schools and across 2 States. Union is also a part of the League One Volleyball (LOVB) Club Volleyball Community.

Union Volleyball 16U team photo from Dallas tournament

What is LOVB’s Role in Club Volleyball?

LOVB (League One Volleyball) is bringing together particular clubs around the country who are pushing to the next level of player and coach training and development with pro-level experts. With LOVB, Union Volleyball Club offers its athletes a lifelong LOVB community with advanced resources focused on holistic athlete training resources covering mind, body, and craft, as well as life skill developmental support beyond the sport

Volleyball clubs can participate at events sanctioned by governing organizations such as USA Volleyball (USAV), AAU, or JVA . At the beginning of each season, KC Power players will register with one or more of these organizations (USAV/JVA/AAU) so they can participate in their events. This will vary by team tournament schedule. Union is a member of USA Volleyball and JVA organizations.

Getting Started with Club Volleyball

Is Club Volleyball for me?

Club volleyball provides a competitive level of play for girls who are interested in improving their skills and gaining the experience necessary to play in high school and beyond.

Club Volleyball Program offers many advantages to athletes and, while each athlete’s club volleyball experience may differ, participation can provide multiple opportunities:

  • Improves a player’s technical, tactical and physical skills through practice/clinics and training
  • Provides an opportunity for tournament play against teams from all over the region and through certain programs, the nation.
  • Provides an opportunity to meet new friends and play with athletes with similar goals including interacting with athletes from other LOVB clubs around the nation at national tournaments and through groups such as the LOVB Club Athlete Council.
  • Helps develop social skills and teaches athletes about competitiveness and how to deal with both winning and losing.
  • Compete at a higher level of volleyball – to push the athlete to reach their individual peak potential
  • Gain exposure (at elite levels) to college coaches and programs through the recruiting process.

Deciding Where to Begin

The first step in your club volleyball journey is simply deciding where you'd like to begin. While our teams are set during our region tryout period in JULY/OCT/NOV, other programming is open throughout the year to all athletes regardless of their club affiliation, and those who are new to the game. The best way to assess your interest and skill level is to attend one of our camps or clinics for your age group and introduce yourself to our coaches and directors. If you don’t see a program that fits your current needs on our website, please reach out to and we will guide you in getting started!

Camps, Clinics & Preparing for Tryouts

We offer a wide variety of beginning camps, clinics and additional events throughout the entire year that will expose you to the sport and help you prepare, mentally and physically, for progressing to our team programs.

Trying Out for the Team

If you are considering trying out for a team and have never played volleyball before or have had limited experience, we highly recommend attending our pre-tryout training events in SEPT/OCT.

Tryouts take place in JULY/OCT/NOV with teams being formed shortly after. The practice and competition season generally begins at the end of November/beginning of DEC and runs through the end of April/ May (depending on age group and team level). Union teams are divided by skill level within each age group. We have team options that range from beginner to elite, and from local competition to national travel. National teams attending USAV or AAU Girls’ Junior Nationals will continue their season through the end of June or first week of July (depending on age group).

Your Club Volleyball Career and Beyond

Tournaments, Power Leagues and More

Once a player makes a team, depending on the team's classification, they will attend tournaments, power leagues and other competitive events.

College Recruiting

Once our players reach recruiting age (16) we have several resources and services available to aid them in their recruiting. As a LOVB club, our Recruiting Coordinators are some of the best in the business. The recruiting process is a journey that requires dedication of both time and effort on the athlete's part. Each athlete's process is unique just like each athlete is also unique. The LOVB approach to college volleyball recruiting is personalized and tailored to the athletes individual needs and goals.

Going Pro

Being a LOVB club adds another dimension to life after college for many of our athletes. With the creation of a US based Pro League, their opportunities to play Pro are greater than ever before! LOVB is changing the game. We are creating a new home for American professional volleyball built from the grassroots up. Each pro team building from an ever-growing nationwide community of vision-aligned junior clubs like Union Volleyball Club.

Life After Volleyball

Whether you choose to be done with volleyball after 1 camp, 1 season or a successful collegiate or pro career, you will always be Union family. We are always looking for qualified coaches and with the sport growing at an unprecedented rate, we're sure that those who love the game will always find an open role to fill.